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16mm Sound Lawn Tennis Film, Extremely Rare Film “GREATEST MOMENTS IN THE HISTORY OF TENNIS” - Superb Black and White 16mm cine film on a spool (1967). 40 Minutes in Duration, Supplied with a DVD copy. Narrated by Chris Schenkel. The whole film projects a strong 'Davis Cup' theme throughout and is excellently presented and produced with very good sound and quality. The Introduction explains game's origins in 1874 with photos of Major Walter Clopton Wingfield's first rules booklet 'Sphairistike', and how the game progressed in America with Sears, Whitman, Ward and Davis with The Davis Cup Trophy. Important early action shows Molla Burjsdat playing May Sutton in 1915 , followed by scenes of Sutton with hers sisters Violet, Ethel and Florence Sutton in an exhibition game. Early scene of some tournament doubles follows. Socialising at Newport Casino (c.1910) and a tennis singles possibly showing Harold Hackett. (with necktie around forehead) Then 1914 West Side Tennis Club Forest Hills - extensive coverage of Norman Brookes against William Tilden. Most importantly, WONDERFUL Full and slow motion footage of Suzanne Lenglen Leaping around the court “Turning the game of tennis into a graceful ballet.” followed by footage of her game at Forest Hills against Molla Burjsdat Mallory. Aerial footage of the indoor Professional Tennis Tour shows slow motion footage of Big Bill Tilden. Forest Hills 1919 posing with little Bill Johnston and match play. There's footage of Dick Williams and Vinny Richards playing Bill Tilden- Tilden with national Trophy - Dick Williams playing Henri Cochet, Rene Lacoste and Tilden. Jean Barotra with Jacques Brugnon 1927 Davis Cup against Tilden and Frank Hunter at Germantown Cricket Club, Philadelphia and Lacoste versus Tilden. Also Little Bill Johnston and Henri Cochet. A plethora of slow motion and real time footage of over 70 famous players follows, including: Cochet, Perry, Anita Lizana, Jadwiga Jedrezjowska (Poland) Alice Marble, Kay Stammers, Sarah Palfrey, Helen Jacobs, Kitty Godfree, Pauline Betz, Gussy Moran, Elsworth Vines, Jack Crawford, Bunny Austin, Don Budge, Bobby Riggs, Frank Parker, Adrian Quist, John Bromwich, Gene Mako, Baron Godfried Von Cramm, Henkel, Joe Hunt, (Killed in a wartime plane crash), Jack Kramer, Ted Schroeder playing without shoes! Dinny Pails, Pancho Gonzales v Ted Schroeder, Pancho Segura, Bill Talbert, Gardner Mulloy, Bill Sidwell, Frank Sedgman, Adrian Quist, Budge Patty, Frank Sedgman, Jaraslov Drobny, Ken Rosewall at Wimbledon. Lew Hoad, Tony Trabert, Vic Seixas, Louise Brough, Margaret Dupont, Mrs. Jean Bostock, Mary Halford, Maureen Connolly, Angela Mortimer, Althea Gibson, Shirley Fry, Maria Aster Bueno, Darlene Hard, Billie Jean Moffat, Rod Laver, Rafael Osuna, Harry Hopman watches Emerson and Fraser v. Sirola and Pietrangeli, Chuck McInley, Fred Stolle, Chuck McInley, Dennis Ralston, John Newcombe and Manuel Santana. The conclusion shows Trabert, Talbert, Seixas, King Gustav, (Left -handed) Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Governer Adlie Stevenson, and Prince Aka Hito (Crown Prince of Japan).
Sporting Memorabilia
Venue address
34-35 New Bond Street
United Kingdom
Sporting Memorabilia

Auction dates
Nov 10, 2014 10:30 AM GMT
Nov 11, 2014 10:30 AM GMT
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Four Sessions

Monday 10th November 10.30am. Lots 1-334
Monday 10th November 2pm. Lots 335-684
Tuesday 11th November 10.30am. Lots 685-989
Tuesday 11th November 2pm. Lots 990-1223

Buyers Premium: 17.5% + 3% commission
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Buyers Premium:
A buyers premium of 17.5% is applicable to all lots in this sale.
The buyers premium is subject to VAT at the standard rate (20%). Lots are normally offered for sale under the auctioneers margin scheme and VAT on the buyers premium is payable to all buyers. Lots subject to VAT will include the symbol †.
These items will be charged at the 20% on both the hammer price and the buyers premium

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